S T U D I O   P R I C I N G

Please note that all hair and make up must be done before arrival.

Natural looking make up is recommended.

I can help with basic hair, as I often play around with make up and hair during the shoot.

I am more than happy to help style you. We shall discuss all these options at the time of your booking.

I am happy to discuss any ideas that you may have, and answer any questions.

Being in the fashion industry and having being involved in a lot of photo shoots, I  can help mentor and guide you through the session. It's all about having fun and ensuring that you feel as comfortable as can be.



  S T U D I O  S E S S I O N -  $280 

 includes high res Digital images

I am happy to do up to four people in a session but please note that it will be photographed as a group sitting not individually. If anyone in the group would like single shots during this time, that can be done at a rate of  $80 per person

"I don't categories my photography, I see everybody and everything I shoot as an individual piece of art. 

W hen I look down my lens, and press my trigger, I am capturing a moment in time,  a piece of history."

F O R   B O O K I N G S   P L E A S E   E M A I L  O R  C A L L   D A N N I    

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